Who can enroll in CCA?
Anyone with students going into 1st Grade through 12th Grade are eligible to enroll in CCA. All families need to attend an interview with CCA Leadership prior to acceptance to determine if CCA is a good fit for your family.

How much does it cost to enroll in CCA?
There is a $100 one-time registration fee for CCA.
CCA Tuition is $700 per year per family (not per student).
Classes, activities and sports are additional fees.

How do I register for CCA?
To register for CCA, contact the offices at [email protected]. You can also download the registration information on the registration page to begin the process. All families will conduct an interview with CCA leadership to determine if CCA is a good fit for you.

Does CCA offer programs for families that are not enrolled in CCA?
CCA currently offers band and athletics that are available to non-enrolled CCA families (for an additional fee). All other classes and activities are only available for families enrolled in CCA.

Does CCA offer programs for pre-school age children?
Yes. CCA offers Sharp Arrows which is solely for families with children that are not age eligible to enroll in CCA. This is a way for families to connect with other families as well as connect with CCA. You can email [email protected] for more information and to register for Sharp Arrows.

Does CCA provide curriculum for families?
CCA has a library that is available for CCA families. There is curriculum available for check-out.

Does CCA help families with students who might need additional learning guidance?
Yes, CCA has coordinators who can schedule time to meet with your family as needs arise.