Covenant Christian Academy strives to provide an opportunity for homeschool families to achieve excellence in academics and in extracurricular activities.  CCA students are expected to exhibit Christ-like behavior:

Respect and be kind to others – Parents and students will show love, respect, and kindness.

Respect and honor those in authority – Parents and students will respect and show honor to the CCA Staff, Coordinators, Team Leaders, Teachers, Club Leaders, and CCA Parents when serving as a chaperone for CCA events on and off campus.

Dress Modestly – Parents and students will dress modestly.  Clothing should accentuate a student’s beauty and not be a distraction or fail to cover the body. If a student wears inappropriate attire, CCA Staff, or Teachers will communicate with the student and parents.  If a student is not dressed modestly, he/she may be given a coat/clothing to cover themselves, asked to go home to change, or be excused from an event.  Specifics:  shorts must have a 5 inch or longer inseam, no tight shirts, tight shorts or tight pants, no cleavage, no midriff showing and long shirts must fully cover bottoms if one is wearing leggings.

Academic – Parents and students will abide by the Teachers’s syllabus, policies, and requirements.  Parents and students will accept and honor a grade given by a Teacher.  If you have any questions, concerns, or should an unexpected family situation arise, communicate with your Teacher and he/she will assist. you.

Discipline – Students will reflect Jesus in their attitude, language, and behavior.  Students who choose not to follow the rules will be disciplined.  CCA Staff, Teachers, and parents will work together to correct disrespectful, disobedient, violent, or unruly behavior, cheating, and failing to complete assignments.  In severe cases, a student may be expelled temporarily or permanently.

Social Media – Parents and students will honor Jesus, others, and themselves in all posts.