CCA Cooperative (Co-Op) is offered to homeschool families who are currently under the CCA covering. (This is not available to those who are not affiliated with CCA.) Co-Op is a yearlong program and families should re-register each year.

CCA Co-Op aims to provide families with course instruction in a classroom setting for like ages. We currently have Co-Op for K-8th Grade. Co-Op meets on Thursdays for about 4 hours and parents are required to participate. Each week, the classes are instructed in Social Studies and Science, with curriculum provided by the CCA Co-Op Directors. Co-Op days consist of classroom instruction, PE, lunchtime, crafts, and games. Field trips and special holidays are also a part of the Co-Op experience and families are welcome to join on those days as well.

For more information about co-op or to register, please email the co-op directors at [email protected]