High school is an exciting and challenging time for CCA students. At this point in their lives, they are expected to tackle more
difficult topics such as higher mathematics, science, and literature. Our goal is to offer support to parents as well as resources
in order to provide a quality education for our high school students. We offer classes in biology, chemistry, calculus, physics,
writing, literature and other subjects to help parents in areas where they may feel inadequate. Parents are still responsible for
making sure that the work gets done, but they have a valuable resource in the teacher who directs the course of study and explains
the concepts during weekly classes. Many extracurricular activities are also available for the high school students that enhance
their learning experience and provide social connections. Our desire is to see self-directed young people who are owning their
education by being involved in the decision making process about what courses they need to prepare them for future education and
careers. As our motto states, we want to see these young people “pursue their Godly destiny”.

You can download our new Activities Guide for 2020-2021 in PDF format, and as well as in MS Excel format (you can right click and save as the excel document).

This page contains various forms and information for our high school student who are
home schooling. If the form is not on this page, we will direct you to the proper
place to find those forms and information you need.

Look in Graduation Requirements for: High School Info
Four Year Plan Form
Course Description Form
Work Description Form

Look in Senior Information for: High School Info
Senior Questionnaire
Graduate Information

On this page:

Research Paper Guidelines
Research Paper Guidelines 2013-14.pdf

Service Awards Form

Driver’s Education Information

CCA seniors are asked to complete a questionnaire of information about their four years of home schooling that will be used in the yearbook. Please fill this out and return no later than September 15 of your senior year.

Click here for the Senior Questionnaire Form:

At the end of the year, CCA seniors are asked to fill out the Graduate Information Form
that updates their information to include scholarships, other activities that they
have been involved in during the year, etc. This form is due no later than the
graduation practice date, usually around May 10.

Click here for the Graduate Information Form:
Research Paper Requirements Download here.

Course Description Form Download here.

Course Description Sample Form Download here.