We believe that children need to spend the majority of their time with their parents and siblings at the early elementary ages.   However, we do offer some classes and activities for these students.  The Eagle’s Co-op meets once a week for a day of school activities.  We have all school field trips for younger students,  and parents who have younger children may want to join Sharp Arrows since they offer field trips geared toward pre-K through 3rd grade, play dates, and other activities.  A few classes are also offered to the elementary students such as Speech, Debate, Lego Class, and Music.  A favorite class for many of the younger students is Science Club where they explore scientific facts through observation and experiments.   Some competitions they can participate in are the Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, and the Science Fair.

You can download our new Activities Guide for 2020-2021 in PDF format, and as well as in MS Excel format (you can right click and save as the excel document).

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