In 1984, Faith Chapel Associate Pastor Kenny Mitchell began with a group of seven families who wanted to home school their children. Pastor Mitchell went to the local school board superintendent, Mary Jane Caylor, and the state superintendent, Wayne Teague, to inform them of what he was doing. Karen Hinshaw was the first superintendent of Faith Chapel Christian School. She gave the job to Ann Vincent the next year, and Ann bowed out when Rosie Mitchell agreed to take over in 1985. The school grew exponentially over the next few years.

In 1989, Covenant of Peace Church was formed out of Faith Chapel, and all of the people involved with the school were part of the new work. The home school program became known as Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) and the school and church offices were located on Jordan Lane. In 1990 Covenant of Peace Church moved into a storefront in Market Square Mall on Clinton Ave. and the school and offices were located there. Over the years, activities and classes were offered as home school parents expressed a need. Some of the first activities were craft classes or field days. In about 1990, the first biology class was taught by Rhonda Lisauckis in the home of Myra Gill. The class was a great success, and eventually began meeting in the church facility. Cherry Neely moved here from Tennessee and offered to start a CCA band program. The Sharp Arrows program was begun to provide information, resources, and fellowship for families who had preschoolers and to help them prepare to home school. By the time Rosie Mitchell resigned, there were 172 families enrolled in the school with 293 students. Assistant Superintendent, Sylvia DeVine took over in the fall of 1993 after home schooling her daughter through high school.

The church and school made another move in 1995 to the building which Southwood Presbyterian had vacated on Bailey Cove. The church decided to share a facility with Brian and Jill McNew who were just starting a dance studio. The McNews wanted to purchase the property, and the church wanted to get where we could eventually purchase something ourselves, so it was beneficial for both of us. As the dance studio grew, we knew we would be pushed to exercise our faith and build or buy.

In 1997, Covenant of Peace with the help of many school families, purchased a piece of property on Weatherly Road and prepared to build a new facility. Terry and Marvin Green, members of the church and owners of Summit Structures, agreed to build the facility. In 1997, Jenny Harper, one of our moms initiated the Co-op program that met once a week at Southwood Presbyterian Church. Parents had to teach about 3 times a semester, and then had their Fridays free the other weeks. Our new facility was finally completed in May of 1998 and we moved in. The facility had a laboratory for science classes, music room, classrooms, computer room, and a sanctuary large enough to hold parent meetings for the school. An unfinished upstairs space of about 3600 square feet was also included for future expansion. Part of this later became the location of Covenant Dancers Ministry led by Linda Soule.

School enrollment has been as high as 260 families and 500 students over the years. Many CCA students have distinguished themselves by winning awards at the regional, state, and international science fairs, essay and creative writing contests, and many other competitions We have had 46 Merit Scholarship finalist, numerous scholarship winners, outstanding academic teams, math teams, etc. The arts have always been important to CCA, and that is evident in our band program, choral group, drama class, and dance program. We continue to offer a wide array of classes for high school students as well as some for junior high and elementary age. Although we offer a lot of classes outside of the home, our goal continues to be to build strong Christian home schooling families who will help their children pursue their godly destiny. We encourage our families to select outside activities carefully so that they will have plenty of time to instill their values in their children. In 2013, CCA became a ministry of The Rock Family Worship Center, but they remained in the facility on Weatherly Road. In 2017, The Rock Family Worship Center purchased the old Butler High School Building and began preparing it to move in. The church moved in in January of 2018, and CCA moved in during the summer months. The CCA office re-opened in the new facility in mid-July, and classes began the 2nd week in August. We are now more centrally located and have a great space to grow in.