If you are already enrolled in CCA and wish to re-enroll for the upcoming school year, please download these forms, fill them out completely, and return them to the CCA office during Re-Enrollment week or at the April Parent Meeting. Please check for the following before you hand in your forms:

l. Fill out the forms in black ink.
2. Please make any corrections to the family form (change of address, phone, email, etc.) and change students grade levels
3. Church School Enrollment Forms must be done for each child enrolled each year. Please remember to sign in two places.(Sections I and III)
4. Make sure birth dates match on all the forms and that the correct year is given.
5. Redo your medical form only if there are changes from previous years such as changes in allergies, medicines, doctors, etc.
6. Redo the media form only if you want to make a change.   

7.  If you are adding a student, you will need to fill out additional forms. Please check with the receptionist to find out what is needed.                              

You should complete the following forms:

1. Family Form (1 per family)

2. Church School Enrollment Form (1 for each student enrolled/signed twice)

3. Medical form (only if there are changes)

4.  Media Permission Form  (only if there are changes)

All re-enrollment forms must be completed and returned no later than May 10.

You will receive the following at the April Parent Meeting:

  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Summer Calendar
  • Parent Requirements
  • High School Information
  • Yearly Attendance Form (1 per student)  checked September, January, &  turned in in May
  • Curriculum Inventory for grades 1-8 (turn in at August Parent Meeting)