If you are interested in home schooling with Covenant Christian Academy (CCA), please contact the CCA Admissions Office (256-704-9479) Monday through Thursday between 11:00-4:00 p.m. to inquire. We have two large enrollment periods, spring and summer, but we will take families during the year on a case by case basis.  It is always better to begin early in the process of  preparing to home school, so we highly recommend coming in during the spring and summer.

Covenant Christian Academy (CCA) strives to provide training, guidance, and support for families who are home schooling their children. Over the years our School Board, which is made up of home schooling parents, has set policies to help us accomplish this goal.

Because we offer some classes and activities outside the home, we have had to set policies governing those as well. We will go over most of these policies at our Introduction to Homeschooling Meeting, our interviews, and our orientation.